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DRAIN AWAY™ Prefabricated Drainage Systems are a two component system consisting of a plastic cuspated core and covered by a geotextile filter fabric.

How Does DRAIN AWAY™ Work?

The geotextile filter fabric allows ground water to pass through to the core while restricting the soil particles from entering, eliminating, clogging of the core and drain pipe. The cuspated core collects the water and channels it to the designed exit or drain.

The system in a trench will intercept and collect ground water before it reaches a structure or road, or eliminate wet surface areas and help prevent erosion.

Against a foundation or wall by draining the ground water, it will reduce hydrostatic pressure on the wall and prevents water and moisture from entering a basement.

Advantages Of Using DRAIN AWAY™

  • Lower installed cost vs. Aggregate
  • Smaller equipment needed
  • eliminates hauling of excavated material
  • eliminates purchase and hauling of graded aggregate
  • Requires smaller trench
    - less excavation
    - less scarring of surface
    - less space required for drain
  • Removes ground water faster than aggregate
  • Lower labor cost
    - lightweight
    - easy to install
    - complete unit eliminates extra steps in the fields

Sample Cost Comparison

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